Using custom fields in your showcase

How to use Custom Fields in your Showcase

1. Login to your HQi using your admin login information. 

2. Navigate to "Showcase" tab and click on Showcase List.

3. Select the showcase you wish to edit/delete as shown below:

4. Then click on Custom Fields.

As shown below, you will see the list of fields that appear details or descriptions of the showcase. This is just an example of what  you can add onto your showcase.

Please note that you can add or edit the fields that you want to show here, by going to 'Custom Fields' under the 'Showcase' navigation.

Then you will see the list of the Fields below where you can add or edit.


5. Click 'Save' when you are done filling up the fields.

Important Note
Before selecting Save, please review to ensure that the showcase details are correct. Once you selected the Save button, your new showcase will appear on your website.

Selecting the Cancel/Back button at any stage will take you back to the Showcase main page and any changes made, will not be saved.