Adding Pages with Javascript

You can access a raw list of the list pages and flat pages on your site by accessing the following:

Please replace tickercode with your site's instance ticker code - provided by IRM. If you do not have this, please contact your account manager or email

List Page's

Flat Page's

A demo for this site can be viewed here:

These produce a list of category names and id's in short code format which can be used in the query string when requesting pages.

Example: [irmflat=251] Company Overview or [irmlist=8] : ASX Announcements.

To use these in the query string and call different pages please use the CategoryID option.

To show a list of ASX Announcements which also will show a link to for archived announcements, use the following code:

<div data-newsroomurl="">..</div>


Live Example


CSS & HTML for Live Example