Adding, editing and removing content

Here's the tutorial video on adding, editing and removing content:


1. When you select the "Add/Edit Pages" button under "HQi Content Manager," you will see a list of all the pages within your website navigation.

2. To add, edit or delete content, choose the link for the relevant page.

 3. You will then be directed to the text editor, where you can edit content as well as add hyperlinks and images. 

4. Once you have made changes to the content, hit the "Save" button at the top of the page.

Note: You can also use the different formatting tools available within the HQI text editor. To access these, click on the drop-down arrow beside Format.

5. After saving the changes, you will see the "Authorise" button at the top of the page. You can choose this button when you're ready to publish your page as it will redirect you to the "Authorise Content" section.

6. After clicking the "Authorise" button, you will see 3 buttons at the top: "Approve", "Reject" and "Cancel". Choose "Approve" if you want the latest changes on the page to be applied and shown on your website. Click "Reject" if you want the latest changes to be rejected and not applied to your current page. Or select "Cancel" to go back to "Authorise Content".

7. You can also use the "Authorise Content" function on HQi's main dashboard to approve pages on your website.