SEO Overview

Is your company easy to find online? Are you appearing in Google’s organic search (without having to pay for Adwords)?

While building your website, there are many best practices we follow to make sure your content can be easily indexed by search engines. But there are a multitude of methods to help your site rank highly.

SEO strategy is made up of many elements, such as keyword research, on-page content optimisation, competitor analysis and continually auditing your efforts. We cut through the noise to identify practical changes you can make to your website to have an impact on the way it's indexed.

Three main ways you can help your website appear in the top pages of Google’s organic search include:

1. Your page titles - What keywords are you using that relate to your customer’s keywords when searching?

2. Your meta description - What keywords are used to describe the content of your page?

3 . Adding alt tags to your images - Image descriptions are just as important as your page descriptions. Potential clients search images and all links from an image search will lead back to your website. This will result in more clicks and a higher ranking for your site.

IRM’s HQi content management system allows you to edit the above fields so you can update this information any time you like. Click on the links for each item to find out more.