Improved Support Arrangement

We've been working to build better ways of providing support, without losing personal contact with you. These changes to our website support arrangements are designed to improve the speed and quality of our service.

Support requests via email and HQi 

Previously, many of you have emailed your Client Relations Manager to arrange website changes. Now you can send support requests directly to

This team email address is regularly monitored and checked for some additional time in the evenings to provide better service for Perth clients. It has some auto responders so you know when we are working on your task and once it's completed.

You can also submit support requests directly through your website when logged into HQi. To do this, click "Create New Support Request" on the "Support" module and follow the directions from there. Tap this link for further instructions.

Quotes for website changes

We used to provide quotes for you to approve for all (non-trivial) website changes. But this system often delayed the work process.

From now on, we will just complete such tasks with a predicted completion time of 2 hours and send an invoice on completion. For clients on Premium Support, a note against premium support balance will be issued when the work is done. Kindly advise us otherwise if you'd like to defer this option.

We will continue to provide trivial changes (up to about 15 minutes, fair go policy applies!) at no cost. Likewise, support requests which are not website changes continue to be covered by the HQi license fees.

Contract and business inquiries and advice

Please continue to direct contract and business inquiries and advice to your Client Relations Manager by phone or email.