In this section we will explain how developers can install and use IRM Newsroom to deliver ASX Announcement feeds and share prices and charts for their clients.

How does IRM Newsroom work?

IRM Newsroom automates the announcement upload and distribution process by linking with a market data provider and automatically downloading all released ASX Announcements associated with a particular ticker code, as well as searching through news websites, social media and RSS feeds to gather company relevant information.

An email is then sent to a nominated person(s) within the company who can approve (and also edit and reject) the announcement for upload to the website as well as distribution to email subscribers and social media networks, with as little as one click.

IRM Newsroom can be customised to behave depending on the announcement type. For example, when an Appendix 3B (ASX Other) announcement is released to market, the system, by default, may be set to upload the announcement only to the announcements page and not the homepage or email list. However, if an ASX Progress announcement such as a Drilling Report is released, the system may upload this to the announcements page, homepage, email distribution list and social media channels.

Of course, you have the option of changing the settings for individual announcements if required.

Newsroom can also be used to release news items (non – ASX announcements) to your website, email distribution and social media channels.

Installing Newsroom

Installing Newsroom is now easier than ever. There are two choices of methods to install Newsroom on your website, no matter what CMS service you are using or how your website is powered.

These are: