Searching for email alerts subscribers in HQi

The "Subscriber Database" section within HQi contains information about all subscribers who have registered to receive Email Alerts from your company.

To view your subscribers, select the "Subscriber Database" link under "Email Subscribers" in HQi's left-hand navigation bar.

Stats for Email Subscribers: This is presented in graph form which shows the new and total subscribers for your selected period. You may also filter the graph to show Total Subscribers, New Subscribers, and Unsubscribers based on the date that you have selected on the filters.

You can also download the data as 3 different type CSV files, however this would only give the overall numbers on each day. If you desire to get details of subscriber details (names, email addresses, etc) then it can be downloaded from the “Export Subscribers” button below the subscribers table on this page. 

There is an extra functionality to the subscribers table so you can mark some subscribers and can make them as active, deactivate, or even delete. 

Subscriber Database: This list includes everyone subscribed to receive emails from your company and those who are not subscribed but have permission to access HQi.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find two options to export your subscriber database to Excel.

  1. "Export Subscribers": This will export data on subscribers who are active and those who have been deactivated (unsubscribed).
  2. "Export Active Subscribers": This will not only export data on active subscribers but will also list the subscription groups they are part of.

Below are the descriptions of the fields you'll see on the page:

Last and First Name
To find information relating to a particular subscriber, you can enter their last/first name into the "Last Name/First Name" fields then click the "Filter" button. If a subscriber or multiple subscribers share the same last name, you will be shown a page with the appropriate search results.

Using the "Shareholder" field, you can sort subscribers that are shareholders, versus those who are not. To run this filter, simply tap "Yes" (for shareholders) or "No" (for non-shareholders) from the Shareholder field drop down, then hit the "Filter" button. You will then be shown a page with the relevant search results.

User Type
The "User Type" field can help you search your database based on the category type your subscribers have registered as. Example of the types of groups that might be contained within this section are Analyst, Broker, Financial Adviser, Fund Manager, Institutional Investor, etc. To run this filter, pick the type of user you want to filter by and then click the "Filter" button. You will then be shown a page with the appropriate search results.

You can select between active and deactivated (unsubscribed) users from the "Status" filter. In order to use this filter, go for the required status from the drop-down menu and the page will only show the relevant results.