Adding Keywords



Keywords in Newsroom enables you to use specific words in setting up how announcements will be released to your web pages, email subscribers or social media channels.

For example, you may wish to apply the word “Presentation” as a keyword. Announcements with the word "Presentation" in its title or heading will go directly to the presentations page of your website. You can also opt to have it sent to a specific subscriber group or social media network.

How can I add keywords to my Newsroom?

1. In your HQi menu, navigate to the "IRM Newsroom" module and click "Settings."


2. Go for “Manage Keywords” at the bottom right of the page.


3. Select the “Add Keyword” button at the top left of the page.


4. Fill in the text of the keyword that you’d like to add.


5. Once you have added a keyword, you will need to add a new distribution source type.

6. Tap “Distribution Channels” on the HQi menu and click the “Add” button next to Source Type.


7. Pick “Create new type” from the drop-down, input the name of your distribution type in the "New Type Name" field and hit “Add”.


8. The next step will enable you to select the keywords that you input earlier. Simply find the keywords you want to include in this distribution and select “Add” to the right of the item.


9. Once you have added all of the keywords click “Continue to finish add type” to move to the final part of the setup.


10. You’ll now decide where you want announcements that use this keyword to go. To enable channels simply tap "Yes" next to the item; use the tabs to move between the channels. More notes on organising distribution channels can be found here.


How does this look in Newsroom?

In your distribution channels. you’ll see a new type on the left with additional settings to the right of the item. These settings will only be followed when this keyword is found within the announcement title.