Transferring Subscribers

1. Navigate to the "Email Subscribers" tab on HQi's menu and click "Manage Subscribers".

Transfer subscribers between categories: Provides the capability to choose all of the subscribers from an existing category and subscribe them to another. For instance, you can subscribe all/selected users from ASX Announcements to the Media Releases and other news categories so that they can receive these Email Alerts as well.


2. When the subscriber’s details appear at the bottom of the page, you can "Check All" to select all subscribers. Or you can choose users by ticking the check box near their name.

3. Once you have done this, hit the "Transfer" button.

Alternatively, you can use the below "Filter Results" section if you know the First Name, Last Name or Email of the subscriber you would like to move.

4. Fill in one of the fields, click "Filter" and the results (as shown below) will enable you to select the specific subscriber you can move.