Filter by year on list pages

Here's the tutorial video on how to filter by year on list pages: 


You can set your website to automatically filter by year on list pages.

1. From the "Content Manager" section of HQi, select the "Add/Edit Pages" option on the left-hand navigation menu.


2. Locate the list page you need to set and click on the blue globe icon on its right-hand side. “Sample List Page B” is used here as an example:


3. A new screen will appear as shown below. Click on the arrow to drop down the list under “Display”.


4. Once you've expanded the drop down list, scroll down to “Archive Options”. If you want your archive to automatically view the current year, then choose "Yearly Archive" in "Archive Style" and “Latest Year” in "Archive Year".


5. Go back to the top and “Save” your changes.