Newsroom Feed Display Options



Here you can see all of the various options available when requesting list page items. Follow the steps below to access the list page settings.

1. From the "Content Manager" section of HQi, select the "Add/Edit Pages" option on the left-hand navigation menu.


2. Find the page where the list page is located, then click on the globe icon on the on the right-hand side of the item. We've used “Sample List Page B” as an example below.


3. After tapping the globe icon, a new screen will appear, as shown below.


Choosing the "General Options" link will display these fields:


Selecting the "Display" link will present these fields:

  • Tick the "Show article date", if you wish to show the date when the article is published.
  • On the "Date Display Format", you can choose the "Format String" link to see the options on how the dates can be displayed.
  • Check "Show Brief" to be able to add a description or summary to the articles.
  • Put the number of articles you want to display on your page in the "Number of articles" field.
  • In the "Display Type Field",  you can put A, B, C or D and it changes the listing format:
    A : Table format
    B : Wide table format
    C : Unordered List format with PDF icons (Suitable for responsive)
    D : Unordered List format (Suitable for responsive)
    E : Division Container format (Gives more flexiblity on styling and suitable for responsive)
  • In "Order by" field, you can set how your articles will show in order. "Effective Date Descending" is selected as default.
  • In "PDF Icon Display", you can decide on either "Standard Icon" or "Thumbnail Generated from PDF", which will use the first page of your PDF file as an icon.
  • In '"Document Icon", click on "Choose file" button to upload the icon you want for the PDF, text/html, and external link.
  • Additional settings in HQi can display or hide File Size, File Type and Ticker Code.


Archive options

  • Tap the "Archive style" dropdown link and decide on "Default," "Archive link" or "Yearly archive", depending on how you want your archived articles to show. Clicking on each item will give you different options.

a. Default and Archive link have the same options.

  • Tick the "Show archive link" if you want the archived articles to show. Then "Page format" will automatically be selected. You can opt for "Year, then by quarterly blocks," "Year, then by six monthly blocks" or "Year only."
  • On "Archive page size" input the number of articles you want to show per archive list page.

b. Yearly archive

  • Select the "Archive Year" dropdown link to choose the default year you want to show on the archive list page. 

  • On "Archive page size", input the number of articles you want to show per archive list page.


After filling out the fields, hit "Save" at the top of the page.