Adding custom text to list pages

Here's the tutorial video on adding custom text to list pages: 


You can add an introduction text to your list pages through these simple steps: 

1. Login to HQi and click on "Add/Edit Pages" under "HQi Content Manager."

2. Find the list page that you'd like to add an introductory text to.

3. Click on the blue-cogwheel icon on the far right side of your selected list page.

4. You will then see the interface below. Click on "General Options" and you'll find the introduction text box. To convert this to an editable format, click on the Enable TinyMCE button. This will allow you to add/edit texts, links and images to the list page. Some instructions on using the text editor menu can be found in this article ( see step 3 and 4 only). Click on Save on top of the page once you're done with your changes.

Note: For Annual or Sustainability Reports pages, you would need to use a photo editing software to generate a thumbnail image of the reports.