Setting Up Your IRM Newsroom

To switch on the IRM Newsroom functionality, you will need to contact your Account Manager, who will assist you in setting it up.




In the "Distribution Channels" section you will see a list of announcement types.
These main categories contain all of the announcement types accepted by the ASX.
Below are the main headings:


If you tap the "Details" link near each main heading, you will be shown a list of the announcement types that exist within this particular category. For example, the ASX AGM category will contain the below announcements:


The "Distribution Channels" main page displays the announcement types, their designated approval process and where they are currently set to be distributed.

Options within Distribution Channels:

The Approval Process has three options you can choose for distributing your news.

Authorise: If the "Authorise" option is set, each time an ASX announcement is lodged via ASX Online, IRM Newsroom will send an email asking you to release, edit or reject the announcement.

Auto: The "Auto" option will automatically release the announcement using the settings that you have elected in the Newsroom set up. This allows announcements to be distributed with no user input. However, you will receive email notification when this process has been completed.

Ignore: The "Ignore" option will disregard the announcement and place it directly into the historic announcements table within the Authorise screen.

To set up or change the Approval Process settings

Under "IRM Newsroom" tab, click "Distribution Channels" from the left-hand side of the HQi menu.


Tap the main heading under "Type" for the announcement group you would like to set up or amend.


As shown in the screen below, you will be taken to a page where you can switch between the "Approval Process" settings.

Choose the button next to the "Approval Process" required for this type of announcement.


In this example, we have chosen all ASX AGM Announcements to be set as "Authorise."

Once you have determined the "Approval Process" option, hit the "Save" button.

Please note: For more information about each of the processes, please refer to the Newsroom Overview section.

Setting your announcement distribution channels

Under "IRM Newsroom," tap the "Distribution Channels" tab from the HQi menu.


Tap the main heading under "Type" for the announcement group you would like to set up or amend.


You will be taken to a page as shown below. Within this page you will be able to decide on the specific distribution channels which apply to an announcement category.

When you hit "Yes" and you didn't select any page, you will see a red exclamation mark and a short description of the error. See an example below:


Using the "Website", "Email", "Facebook", "LinkedIn" and "Twitter" tabs, you'll be able to select which channel you would like to change the settings for.

Website: This will allow you to specify the pages you would like these announcements to appear within your website, with multiple category options.


For multiple categories, press the CTRL key and hold this down while clicking more than one web page title.


Email: This tab enables you to set the email lists to which you wish to distribute the announcement. Subscribers are given the option to choose either or both lists when they subscribe through your website.

For multiple email lists, press the CTRL key and hold this down while clicking more than one list.



Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: Here you can toggle between sharing the announcement to the various social media networks.

You can tick the button next to "Yes" or "No" for each of the social networks on each of their specific tabs.


To save changes, hit the "Save" button.

To check the approval process and where you have appointed each of your announcements to be released, you can return to the "Distribution Channels" main page.

If you have chosen "Ignore," the table will show the icons as greyed out. For all selected options, the channels will populate in colour.