Adding/Editing captions within your Image Gallery

SEO helps attract investors and stakeholders to your website. One way to make good use of it is through your image captions and alt text or tags. (Read more about SEO here.)

With the latest HQi, captions and alt text of photos in your image gallery will be automatically filled with the picture’s file name. You can also edit these fields if you wish to do it manually.

Best to use keywords and human-readable text in your image captions and alt tags. For they provide alternative information should an image not be displayed because of slow internet connection.

Here's the tutorial video on adding/editing captions within your image gallery: 


1. From the "HQi Content Manager" section of HQi, go for the "Add/Edit Pages" option in the menu.

2. Find the Image Gallery page containing the image you wish to add a caption to then click Edit on the latest version of the gallery page.

3. The image filename will be the Image Alt and Image Caption by default once saved. To edit these, click the blue world icon on the right side of the image in the "Gallery Item Upload" page.

4. After choosing this icon, you will be directed to the following page with an "Alt" and "Caption" text box. Enter the image alt tag and caption in these boxes or edit an existing one, then click "Save".

5. Your caption and image alt tag will now be shown on the images table in the "Edit Gallery" page. Then hit the "Save" button.


6. The caption will be displayed on your website once you authorise the page.