So you’re excited to share your latest company news and you’ve quickly sent Email Alerts to your subscribers through HQi. Now how can you ensure the message achieved its purpose in connecting with your stakeholders?

HQi helps you determine recipients in your list actually received the message you sent. Through HQi’s Email Alerts Statistics you can track the subscribers who got your email or which ones had invalid addresses for each message you relay. How?

On the left side of your HQi dashboard, you’ll find a "Mail" section and a "Statistics" tab under such heading. You’ll need to click the "Statistics" link to see all your recent announcements. Then you’ll be directed to a new page with a table indicating details of your Email Alert, such as Category Name, Mail Type and Sent Details for each Tag ID. Email addresses where your message was blocked or bounced or were invalid would also be displayed in the table.


To find out how a specific email was delivered, select the announcement Email Subject. You’ll be taken to the statistics spreadsheet, which details the number of emails delivered to subscribers, how many opened the email, which recipients clicked a link inside of your message, among other features. (See sample image below.)

To find out the details for bounced, dropped, open etc. of emails, click on the Result button across the subject of the email and you will be directed to the page below. This section also provides you with details of the bounce/drop email addresses and the reason for the bounce or drop.


Here’s what each of the column headings means:

Delivered – gives the total Email Alerts that HQi successfully transmitted to your recipients’ servers. Each server will then relay that message to your subscriber or will course it through their security procedures.

Opens – determines how many recipients browsed and probably read the Email Alert or if they have their email set to open messages by default. Multiple clicks can be recorded for each subscriber.

Unique Opens – only records the first time the recipient opens your Email Alert.

Clicks – provides the number of clicks subscribers made through a link in your email. Multiple clicks can also be tracked for each recipient.

Unique Clicks – only registers a subscriber’s first time click on a link in your Email Alert.

Unsubscribes – shows how many recipients clicked the Unsubscribe link within your Email Alert.

Repeat unsubscribes – indicates when you try to send a message to an address of a recipient who has previously unsubscribed.

Invalid Email – tracks your attempts to transmit to a non-existing address or a wrong domain. An example could be a misspelled Gmail domain, such as

Bounces – monitors HQi’s receipt of a bounce message error from a recipient server because your email was rejected. This is due to certain reasons, like the subscriber’s inbox was full, the server was not available or maybe the email address is non-existent.

Repeat Bounces – accounts your efforts to dispatch a message to an email address that has previously bounced.

Spam Reports – provides the total subscribers that have marked your email as spam.

Repeat Spam Reports – gives the number of times you tried to send to a recipient who has already marked your Email Alert as spam.

Spam Drop – tallies the messages that were dropped because the email address is already included in Spam Reports.

Blocked – monitors the number of times your IP address has been blocked by an internet service provider or messaging organization.

Requests – this gives the total email alerts that were sent to all the subscribers, including emails that were delivered successfully, blocked, bounced and invalid emails.

You can also export data related to your Email Alert’s blocks, bounces and invalid emails from your HQi dashboard. This Excel sheet will help you update your recipient list accordingly.

Please contact your Account Manager if you need assistance or more information on your stats.