Setting Up Your HQI Blog

HQi’s blogging system offers a simple way of sharing company news and updates across your investor audience. No need for WordPress or other blogging programs. Instructions on organising your blog and categories are found below.

1. Start with the “HQi Premium Features” tab in HQi’s menu and go to “Blog” then select “Blog Settings”.



You will be directed to the below page, where you’ll determine details on your blog, such as its page size, number of posts and banner images. Speak to us for any help you may need on this.

2. Hit “Update” to save the settings you've made.


Organising Your Categories

1. Begin with the “HQi Premium Features” tab in HQi’s menu then navigate to “Blog” and click “Blog Categories.” 


You'll be led to a page (such as below) where your categories will all be listed.


2. You can create new categories by selecting the “Add New Blog Category” button. You’ll then be directed to a new page (see below) where you’ll fill out certain details of the category you added.



3. Remember to tap “Save” to retain your settings.