How to search list item in list page

A List Page features a series of connected articles displayed in sequence, resembling a list. An illustrative example is the ASX Announcements or Annual Reports page, where PDFs are arranged chronologically. Here's how to search for items on list pages.

1. To search a list item in the list page, go to "HQi Content Manager" and "Search Content" section.


2. You will then be directed to the  search content (as shown below), you will then have to choose the Search List Item menu.


3. After choosing the Search List Item option, it will then redirect you to a “find” field where you can type the title of the item you want to search. For this example, we will use Presentation.



4. When you select a list item, it will automatically open the list item you want to view. When you select a list page, it will open the list page where the list item is located.