Deleting an Image from a Gallery Page

Here's the tutorial video on deleting an image from a gallery page: 


1. From the "Content Manager" section of HQi, click the "Add/Edit Pages" option. Next, select the Image Gallery page containing the image you wish to delete.

2. To delete an image, click the trash icon found to the right of the image. 

3. After choosing the trash icon, you will receive the following pop-up message. Clicking "No" would take you back to the "Edit Gallery" page. Tapping "Yes" would delete the item from this gallery but not from the image library, so you would still be able to use the image in the future.


If you selected the "Yes" button, the image will be deleted from the list on the "Edit Gallery" page, then click "Save".


The image will be deleted from the Image Gallery page on your website after you authorised the changes.