Adding a new Image to your Existing Gallery

Here's the tutorial video on adding a new Image to your existing gallery: 


1. From the "HQi Content Manager" section of HQi, go for the "Add/Edit Images" option in the left-hand navigation menu.


2. Then click on "Add New Image" button.

3. After tapping the "Add New Image" button, select "Choose Files." This allows you to upload an image from the directory where you've previously saved it.  

Once you are happy with your selection, hit "Save." 


4. Back to the "HQi Content Manager" section of HQi, pick the "Add/Edit Pages" option on the menu.


6. Select your new Image Gallery page to add images there.


7. Click on the "Add New Image to Gallery Page" button.


8. You will then be taken to a page of all your uploaded images (see below). From here you can decide on the images you would like to put in the image gallery.

You can add multiple images to the gallery by checking the tick boxes on the left side of the images.


9. Once you've chosen all the images you wish to use in the gallery, hit the "Save" button at the top of the page.


10. You'll be shown the images you've chosen for your gallery on the "Edit Gallery" page. In this page, you can rearrange the order of the images using the up and down arrows. You can also write captions on your images using the blue world icon (see below) or delete an image.


11. When the images have been uploaded, click "Save" and the images will be visible on your website after you authorise the page.