Adding a Biography Page

A Biography page would showcase your executive team and board members. In this section, you can write about their education, work experience or involvements in the industry, as well as expertise in the field. Follow the steps below to add, edit or delete a Biography page on your website.


Adding a Biography Page

1. To add a Biography page in HQi, go to "Content Manager", then "Add/Edit Pages".

2. Look for the main page where you'd like to put the Biography page under, usually it's the "About Us" page. Then click on the page's plus button on the right-hand side.

3. On the dropdown, select "Biography Page" and tap the "Add Page" button.

4. Put the page title and check the tick box for "Show page in menu", if you want the page to show on the navigation menu of your website.

5. Click the Display button to put an introduction for the biography page. Find the Introduction box to type in your introduction statement.

6. On Biography Groups (see image above), select the group of bios you would like to the show on the biography page (e.g., Board of Directors, Management Team). To create a Biography Group, click here for instructions.

7. Hit "Save" to retain your changes. Then approve the page in "Authorise Content" (under "Content Manager" tab) to make it live on your website.