Registering Your Facebook Account with IRM Newsroom

To register your Facebook account with IRM Newsroom, firstly navigate to the settings option under the IRM Newsroom module.



On the right hand side you will see the below options.

To register your Facebook account please select “Register” below Facebook.

Next, you will be asked to log into your Facebook Account via the following screen. Enter the details and select the Log in button to continue.


After logging in successfully you will be shown the following message and the red cross will turn to a green tick.



Important: One Facebook user can have personal and business/company accounts associated with their login. This next step makes sure that IRM Newsroom is linked to your correct company account and not your personal profile.

Once you have entered your Facebook login details and returned to HQi, you should now click the refresh button next to Facebook Targets.



Once this has been clicked you will be given the option of your personal profile or your Company profile. Here you can select My Company to link your company account to IRM Newsroom. Select the relevant checkbox and click Update.



Once you have clicked update you will now see that the My Company page sits underneath the Facebook Targets and is successfully linked. Remember to update your Distribution Channels to release Announcements to Facebook.