How to Unregister and Re-register your Social Media Accounts

The security and privacy settings at these third party companies require you to login again every 90 days, which means you’ll have to relink Newsroom to your account at the same time when this security token expires.

If you try to publish news to a social media account where the security token has expired and you’ve been logged out, we’ll send you a friendly reminder email to let you know that you’ll just need to hop in and log on again to re-establish the connection between the two services.

You can watch the video or follow the onscreen instructions found below the video.


Here are the step by step instructions if you'd prefer to follow these:

Unregistering Your Account

To unregister your account with IRM Newsroom, firstly navigate to the settings option under the IRM Newsroom module.



On the right hand side you will see the below accounts you link to our IRM Newsroom.

To unregister your account (LinkedIn for example) please select “Unregister” below LinkedIn.

Next, a pop-up message will show and ask if you wish to continue your actions or if you confirm that you want to Unregister the account. Then just select "Yes".

And there you go. You have successfully unregistered your account. You'll just follow the steps in the correct link below to re-register the account.

Re-registering Your Social Media Accounts

For more information on how to set up these connections view the pages here: