Uploading Subscribers

Through HQi you can now bulk upload contacts to your database. When you select the "Upload Subscribers" link under the "Email Subscribers" section, you will be transferred to the following page.

Upload Subscribers: From here, you will be able to bulk upload subscribers using an Excel spread sheet. To upload a new contact list to your subscriber database, select where you would like to add the new subscribers, e.g., ASX Announcements or/and Media Released and other news. (Note: Both options are selected as a default)

You will need to have these in an Excel spread sheet, set up with the following fields: “FirstName”, “LastName” and “Email”.

There is a spread sheet template set up for you to use. Select the download template button, save and populate.
When uploading email addresses to the spread sheet, please ensure that there are no hyperlinks or spaces in the cells.
If there is an error with your upload, you will be notified by HQi.

Once you have created and saved your template, and selected where you are subscribing your contacts, click the "Upload Subscribers" button. 

When you upload subscribers, the job will be sent to a queue where a back-end application will do the upload. You will see all your tasks at the bottom of the page.