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Uploading one individual subscriber to subscriber group

1. In the HQi menu, navigate to "Email Subscribers," then select "Subscriber Groups."


2. Across your chosen subscriber group, click on "Subscribers."


3. From here you will be directed to this page, where you need to click "Add" to input new subscribers.


4. You will then see this page to add a subscriber's first name, last name and email address.


5. There are two instances that may happen when you upload a subscriber.

a. If you input an email address which doesn’t exist in the database and you click "Save," the user will be added in the Users table and subscribed to the email group. You'll then be redirected to the subscriber list of the email group where you can see your input.


b. If you input an email which exists in the database and click "Save," a list of existing users with the same email address will be displayed. Pick out the user/s you want to subscribe to the subscriber group and click "Save." The user/s will be subscribed to the subscriber group. 


You'll then be redirected to the subscriber list of the subscriber group where the selected user/s will be displayed.