Adding a subscriber group

The Subscriber Groups feature gives you the ability to create specific subscriber groups which allows you to target particular subscribers with your communications.

To add a new subscriber group, firstly navigate to the Subscriber Groups option underneath the Email Subscribers module.

Once you have selected this you will be shown the following page, click the “Add the Subscriber Group” at the top of the page.

The next step is to name your Subscriber Group and also give this a description for internal reference. Please note that this description will not be shown anywhere on your site. Once you have entered a Group Name and Description, click the Save button.

Once you have clicked Save, you will be asked on what would you like to do next. You will see the pop up screen below:

When you click on Individual Group, you will see this page:

When you click on Multiple Groups, you will see this page:

When you select Upload Later, you will go back to the Subcribers Group page:

To upload subscribers to your new list, view the Upload Subscribers instructions here.

Please note: You can also target these particular groups through the distribution settings in newsroom and compose new mail, allowing you to tailor your messaging to certain groups for more effective communication.