Share Price Installation

Add the following <script> links to your website, you can add them just before the </head> tag, ideally below all <link rel='stylesheet'>.

Please also replace "tickercode" with your site's instance ticker code - provided by IRM. If you do not have this, please contact your account manager or email

You can access any of the pricing elements of share price using the following data-* attribute which can be inserted to any html tag, in this case we use <div> tag:

<div data-quoteapi="price"></div>


This code will show the current market price of your ticker code. (20 minutes delayed) Like the following example:



Share Price Table

Use the following code to insert a full share price table

Copy this code below to embed the chart.

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Market Cap

IRM can only obtain the shares issued data from ASX. We are not privy to the number of escrow shares a company has. However, you can manually set the the escrow amount in the quoteapi config and have this included in the market cap calculations. It would be up to the client to notify IRM if this escrow amount changes and we would need to update on our end.

To include the market cap with Escrow you will need to do the following:

Include the version 1.10.7 before the end head tag on your site

You can show an Escrow Quote table using the following code:


Below is the default styles for the share price charts and data. You can download the styles here. You can also add some default styling for the shareprice table and share price chart by including the following styles to your site, put this after <head> and before </head> preferably on the very top of the other <link rel='stylesheet'>, with replacing "tickercode" to your site's instance ticker code. This default styling can also be overridden or added too your own stylesheet.

Media queries for share price table and charts