Adding and Updating Brief Fields

When releasing announcements and updates using IRM Newsroom, there is an optional field that allows you to include a brief. A brief is a short phrase or introductory text to your news item. It's like an overview of your announcement or post.

In this article, you will learn how to add and update the brief fields before publishing your announcements.

1. On your HQi dashboard, click on "Pending" tab under "IRM Newsroom" and you will find the updates awaiting your approval. Alternatively, you can choose the "Edit" option from the "Approval Required" email sent to you regarding your announcement.


2. You will then view the highlighted Distribution Channels, as below. The channels shown in colour are those that the announcement or update will be released to.

3. To add an email brief, click on the email icon on the pending announcement and scroll down to the Email Brief section. Type in your brief or intro text to the text field and then click on Save and Preview Email to review the format of the email before releasing the announcement.

Note: This email brief feature is not available on all IRM websites, you may send an email to if you wish to add this to your website.

4. If you want to include a brief on your social media sites, just select the app's logo and you will be directed to their respective brief fields. Check out the images below:







What do %DocTitle% and %DocLink% mean?

These are what we call short codes used by Newsroom. They are dynamic and change to the actual document title and link once the update is generated. If you accidentally delete them, you can re-insert them by clicking the "Add Document Link" or "Add Document Title" buttons at the top of the field box.

5. By default, the update's title and document/external link are pre-added in the field, as you can see in the images above.

6. On those brief fields, you can write your brief before or after the title and link short codes.

Please Note: Twitter has a character limit of 280 characters and will not let you update if you try to post more than this.

7. You can then choose to "Save and Release" the update immediately or just "Save" it and release at a later time.