Adding and Updating Brief Fields

You are able to edit the brief fields from the pending list or when re-releasing an announcement.

From the pending news section, select the announcement that you wish to edit. Once an announcement is selected you’ll be able to see three buttons at the base of the screen. Click edit and you’ll be taken to the screen that shows the various distribution channels available.

Click on the toggle next to the channel that you’d like to edit the brief for, there you’ll see space to add text to the brief field or edit the text that is already there.



What is %DocTitle%, %DocLink% and a cashtag?

%DocTitle% is the placeholder that is switched for the title of your announcement when the email is generated.

%DocLink% is the placeholder that is switched for the link to your announcement or external link.

Cashtag - a cashtag is where a ticker code is preceded by a $ sign. In the case of IRM client, Primary Healthcare, their cashtag would look like this: $PRY. Cashtags were created so that users could more easily categorise and find stock news for a specific company or ticker symbol Read more on our blog.