Adding, Editing, Deleting a Biography Page

Adding a Biography Page

1. To add a Biography page in HQi, go to "Content Manager", then "Add/Edit Pages".

2. Look for the main page you'd like to put the Biography page under, then click on the page's plus button on the right-hand side.

3. On the dropdown, select "Biography Page" and tap the "Add Page" button.

4. Put the page title and check the tick box for "Show page in menu", if you want the page to show on the navigation menu of your website.

5. Hit "Save" to retain your changes.


Adding a New Biography

Here's how to add head-shot images and bio to the Biography page you've created.

1. On the HQi menu, navigate to "Biography", then click "Add New Biography".

2. Select the title of the person on the dropdown, e.g., Mr., Ms., Dr., etc. Then input the person's First Name, Last Name and Position.

3. Upload a photo of the person on the "Feature Image" section.

4. Choose the Biography Group the person belongs to, e.g., Management, Board of Directors, etc.

5. Write the full biography of the person on the Description box.

6. Click "Save" to keep your changes.


Editing an Existing Biography

1. To edit an existing Biography, go to "Biography", then select "All Biography".

2. Pick out the Biography you'd like to change and click on "Edit/Delete."

3. On the "Add/Edit Biography" screen, make your revisions on the specific fields, e.g., Title, Name, Feature Image, Position, etc.

4. Tap "Save" to maintain your changes.

Note: To delete an entire Biography, just click on "Delete" at the top of the "Add/Edit Biography" page.